Our European company was formed in 2016 with the initial goal of creating an entry into the world of running shoes and we felt we could build ourselves a niche with an honest story and a great product. Our belief is that the right place to get a great pair of running shoes is your local specialist running store. That’s where you can find our products. We are a team of industry experts and we’ve built 361° as a brand and company that is close to the running community. We serve runners with great running experiences – our shoes.

one degree beyond

Our brand thrives on exceeding expectations,
venturing one degree beyond the ordinary, and pushing the boundaries. We consistently go the extra mile, delivering something truly exceptional, and providing our customers
with an unparalleled edge.


We are a global sportswear brand, with our roots in the design and innovation of performance sports footwear and fashion. Our unique collections cater to active lifestyles and athletic pursuits, from the most competitive arena’s to sidewalks across the world.

Through constant innovation, smart design and curious thinking, we strive for quality and value in everything we do. We represent all active and passionate citizens of one global community united in one common belief that wellness gives us more to life.

inspired by performance

Designed by athletes for athletes. The philosophy behind our award winning, performance sport shoes, is our dedication to work in partnership with our athletes and engineers. Together, we are determent to build the best performance athletics shoe possible.


We believe that going beyond
expectations also encourages us to
do our part to build a better more
sustainable world.