Our European company was formed in 2016 with the initial goal of creating an entry into the world of running shoes and we felt we could build ourselves a niche with an honest story and a great product. Our belief is that the right place to get a great pair of running shoes is your local specialist running store. That’s where you can find our products. We are a team of industry experts and we’ve built 361° as a brand and company that is close to the running community. We serve runners with great running experiences – our shoes.

You are our inspiration

We love supporting people to go beyond their expectations, with a special love for people who never thought they’d be able to run a 5K, 10K or a marathon. We do support and sponsor Olympians, top professional athletes and we love working together with them. But we truly want to support everyone trying to adopt a healthy way of living. We are inclusive, not exclusive.

Our European headquarters are located in the Amsterdam area and we are a diverse team of people. Like us, our ambassadors are also a diverse group of people who inspire, each in their own sphere and performance level, with a common goal to inspire you to do more than you think you can. They are real people, living real lives. They aren’t judged by the number of likes or followers. We recruit them based on how much they fit our goal to go #BEYONDEXPECTATIONS, from Olympic athletes to people who are turning around unhealthy lifestyles to become multisport athletes and streak runners who bring awareness of mental illness and open up conversations about it. We don’t ask them to always post the pretty pictures. We ask them to inspire and motivate others to do more than they think they can. We support local retailers building business and running communities and local events bringing people together. We are also an official partner of Hamburg Marathon.

Our diverse team of experts