//// 361 Ambassador Program

The 361° #BeyondExpectations Ambassador Program is an embodiment of our commitment to enabling everyday runners and athletes to define their own standard of success, break down barriers and achieve more than they thought possible. We are searching for running influencers to become 361° Ambassadors. These are people of all abilities who share a passion for rejecting external measures of achievement by creating and fulfilling their own potential and possibilities. We know that everyone - no matter their background, abilities or ambitions - can go beyond expectations. We exist to support that and this ambassador programme will be unique in having that at its heart.

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"The essential thing is to run. Period."

Anthony Horyna

Creative Director/Copy Writer

Hey there. I’m Anthony. A 45 years old male with some English, some German and some Austrian mixed together. A father to a 14-year-old and an advertising expert / Creative Director by trade. I only came to the world of running and endurance sports in my mid to late 30s, competing and finishing multiple trail-, mountain and ultra-distance races. Since 03.01.2016 I am running every day. That is streak running. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Without exception. Or pause. Before work. After work. While travelling. Inland. As well as overseas. All over the world. To me, running changed my life. And continues to change it.

"Be calm, be confident, be cheerful."

Wil Chung

Marketing Ninja

"You can´t fail by trying!"

Maria Michaelis

Medical Doctor

"All roads lead to Rome."

Dario Giovannetti


"You are capable of so much more than you realise."

Marie-Louise Kertzman

Procurement Manager

I'm Marie-Louise, 24, by day, I am a procurement manager in England, Oxfordshire. I have been running since Autumn 2015, and have never looked back since! Running is where I find both my confidence and my escape from the stress of everyday life. It clears my head when I have had a difficult day, but it also teaches me never to give up, and that whatever I think my boundaries are now - there will always be a way to go beyond them! 

"There's always more."

Tim Vreeburg

Docent Sportkunde (teacher sportstudies)

"Adventure Awaits!"


Physical therapy

"Love life, do everything with joy and a positive attitude."

Eva Hürlimann

Nurse and Mother

"#AlRevésMolaMás (the reverse is great)"

Sandra Corcuera

Animals rescuer

''The best thing about running is everything''

Linnea Harala