How do I choose the right running shoes for me?

You know the feeling: the sun is up and you feel like going out for a run to start improving your fitness. But do you have the right type of shoes for your personal running style and needs?

When choosing a new pair of running shoes there are so many considerations and options out there that it can feel overwhelming to choose which ones are right for you. But it doesn’t have to be. “There are some simple considerations that should help match you up to the right shoes for you when you are looking for new trainers,” advises Jurian Elstgeest, managing director of 361º (

Be wary of special offers
Running shoes are built in many shapes and forms. “Special offers often include very specific models or the ones not selling so well, so be careful there. You may end up buying a bargain, but not the right shoes for you,” stresses Elstgeest.

Where do you run most?
The surface you run on most will define whether you will need a more cushioned road shoe, a trail shoe with more grip and protection for the forests and hills, or a lightweight shoe for faster running on road and/or track. “So if you run
mostly on pavements and roads you are probably fi ne with a normal road running shoe, even if you also go off-road but don’t leave the footpaths,” says Elstgeest. “If you are running mainly off-road you’ll need good grip. Fast runners spend more time on the road or track and tend to buy a shoe with a reduced weight.”

Do I need stability shoes?
This is a bit tricky. If you are ‘in shape’ and rarely have ankle and knee issues you probably can get away with a neutral running shoe. If you are in doubt, seek help from your local running specialty store. “They will be able to check what will work best for you,” he says. “Maybe you need a more stable or a wider shoe. What’s really great about going into your local running store is they’ll let you try on several models and you will feel the difference and then be able to pick your favourite pair. Trying is buying and it is so much more fun running in shoes that work for you!”

How many pairs of shoes do I need?
“You can survive on one pair for a while,” says Elstgeest. “But serious runners and athletes will own multiple pairs to rotate between. This makes sense, after all, as running in different shoes on different surfaces is a really good idea to help reduce the risk of injury.

“Don’t forget though, a new pair of shoes can’t instantly transform you into a better runner – even the latest Nike Next%. All they’ll do is make a severe impact on your income. You still need to put in the work, so don’t forget to mix up your runs every week. Soon enough you’ll notice you’ll be making improvements and also having more fun doing it.”

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