Mission Projekt 19/19 is halfway

Today it’s day 24 of 45! This means that Anthony is over halfway Projekt 19/19 and finished 24 marathons since the start. An achievement #Beyondexpectations already. Time to give you an update about his personal motivation for the project and his experiences so far.

Anthony who’s running on a daily basis for 3,5 years already, started running to get in a better shape and to become healthier. ‘’Besides getting in better shape I realized that running had a positive effect on many aspects of life.’’ Actually, running did change Anthony’s life completely. After he started running he approached life differently than before, it helped him in moments of and times of anxiety. ‘’I even know people who run because it’s an integral part of their therapy.’’

This is also the reason why he starts raising awareness for depression and suicide prevention. Anthony; ‘’So yes, with running for 45 days consecutively I want to reach a larger audience and raise awareness for these topics. Depression and suicide prevention are worth doing it for, because especially depression is still treated as some kind of a taboo in our society. And this despite the millions of people suffering from them. Depressions aren’t something you willingly choose.’’

During the project Anthony actively raises awareness for Freunde Fürs Leben. Freunde Fürs Leben is a Berlin based organisation who is committed to depression and suicide prevention. ‘’They are very present online and can be found and reached via the internet. The work they do is superb and needless to say nowadays of paramount importance.’’ Read more about Freunde Fürs Leben at: www.frnd.de'’

It’s clear that the project has a bigger meaning than ‘simply’ running a marathon a day. To reach as many people as possible Anthony choose to run from the south of Germany (Konstanz) to Flensburg way up north. This path is 1900km long and with running a marathon a day it will take Anthony 45 days to finish. Anthony is used to running daily but a marathon every day will make the project a challenge.

After running 23 days Anthony is still motivated to accomplish his goal. This project is a so called #stepbystep thing. Anthony loves what he’s doing at the moment and his legs and joints are still fine. He even admits that this project is better than anything he could have imaged so far. 
Meeting new people is what Anthony really likes during the project. ‘’Different stages and running with people you (sometimes) don’t know is really interesting. When people are joining me they’re really motivated to run and to share their stories.’’ So every person has his own story and like to run with him to actively support well-being and (mental) health.

With 21 days to go Anthony is looking forward to meet new people on his way. Running and starting new conversations every day is helping Anthony to not think of the stages ahead and stay motivated. It’s really a ‘one day at the time’ project.

If you’re interested in joining Anthony during the last stage of this Projekt 19/19; find out where he’s running at the moment via Strava and contact Anthony via project1919.de.

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