Finish of Projekt 19/19

After 45 days and 1900km Anthony finally arrived in Flensburg. Supported by lots of (local) runners this was a very special moment during the project. ‘’Meeting so many people was on of the highlights of the project. That’s something really, really beautiful!’’

When you run a marathon a day for consecutive 45 days you’ll experience a lot of things. Running through beautiful landscapes, meeting a lot of new people and get challenged physically and mentally as well. This is exactly the reason why Anthony started the project in the first place. With Projekt 19/19 he wanted to push his own physical and psychological limits and get attention for an important topic: Depression. Meeting new people and talking about these topics motivated Anthony to keep on running. Step by step. Every day. Again and again.

We’re proud that we could support Anthony with our products during this special project. Running from the south to the north of Germany is really an achievement beyond expectations! Check the Instagram account of Anthony to see all the experiences during his project. 

Team 361º Europe

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