„It always seems impossible until it‘s done“ - Nelson Mandela

Monika Metzger

Projekt assistant

My name is Monika, I am 38 years old. I was born in Zurich and live now in Berne. I love the mountains - in winter with the snowboard and in the summer on foot. Running is the best way to explore new cities and regions. Running keeps me fit and give me a good body feel. I pass on my running experience to beginners and try to convince them through my passion for running.

//// Why did you start running - what was your motivation?

After I stopped playing football, I missed the regular exercise and training. So I started - at first rather irregularly and mostly on shorter distances - with running. 

//// Do you remember your first race? How was your feeling when you finished?

At first I did a couple of short races, but I can really remember my first marathon in 2013. This feeling, standing at the the start line, with the intent to run a distance that you have never run before. And in the end this indescribable feeling of happiness to have finally made it and to feel (relatively 😉) still good. 

//// What is the one run you'll never forget, and why?

My first mountain marathon in 2017. The challenge 42.195 kilometers, including 1,870 meters of altitude appealed to me. During the preparation I discovered how much fun it is, to run (or slow-moving ;-)) in the mountains. Before the start of the LGT Alpine Marathon in Liechtenstein I was pretty nervous, but during the run I enjoyed (almost) each of the 42 kilometers.  

//// Why are you a 361° ambassador? What motivates you to go beyond expectations?

With mountain races, I definitely found my great passion and I'm looking forward to many more challenges in the mountains. My next goal is a multi-day event, I will run nearly 80 km and over 3800 vertical meters. This is a new experience for me and I am really looking forward to this challenge.