"It’s better to look back on life and say: 'I can’t believe I did that' than to look back and say: ´I wish I did that'."

Line Thams

Pro Triathlete/Personal Coach

I'm Line Thams, 27 years old and from Denmark. I've been a triathlete since 2010 and I am 4 times Danish Elite Champion. I currently do triathlon semi-professionally and personal coaching on the side. It is my dream job! Living an active life style and chasing the next level of myself, is what I enjoy the most - even though it comes with some harder priorities from time to time.

//// Why did you start running - what was your motivation?

I was a competitive swimmer in my teen years and we regularly did some run training as additional exercise. I really enjoyed the runs and often found myself running with the guys in the team. I also liked biking so I signed up for a triathlon for fun, and when I got more involved in that sport, I started running more consistent. My motivation has always been to improve my own records and to see how far I can go in the sport

//// Do you remember your first race? How was your feeling when you finished?

At my first triathlon race, I didn't really know what I went into - I just signed up and though I would be fine with my swimming background. The swim and bike went well and I remember smiling all the way, but when I jumped off the bike I was shocked about how heavy my legs felt for the off-bike run and it was so much harder than anticipated. After the race I thought I would never do that 'triathlon' again, but my result got me into the National Junior Squad and so I was motivated to start the sport properly. Luckily, I've learned that heavy off-bike running legs are just a feeling and they don't dictate my result. I now run as fast off-the-bike as a pure run.

//// What is the one run you'll never forget, and why?

When I first took a medal in the National Championships. The field was filled with all my "idols" so it went far beyond my expectations and proved to me that I belonged to the elite field. I cried for 24h after the race every time I was congratulated and I will never forget the hug I got from my coach - it was a true team effort!

//// Why are you a 361° ambassador? What motivates you to go beyond expectations?

First of all, I really like the 361° products and that's the most important thing for me when I work with a brand. It's a bit of a cliché but the 361° running shoes go beyond my expectations. I can identify with the brand motto, because everything that drives me to train day after day, is the kick of going beyond my expectations!

//// What sport(s) do you participate in?