Ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer Schuhe ist QU!KFOAM. Jede Marke hat ihren eigenen Materialmix. 361° hat das innovativen QU!KFOAM entwickelt. Wichtiger ist jedoch, wie wir unser spezielles Material einsetzen. Die Geometrie der Plattform, die eingesetzten Materialien sowie die Konstruktionsmethoden, kombiniert mit den individuellen Bedürfnissen der Sportler, spielen die größte Rolle bei der Konstruktion unserer Schuhe. QU!KFOAM wird als Teil eines Systems von mehreren Schichten verwendet, das dich dabei unterstützt, deine Erwartungen zu übertreffen.

Midsole Performance


An EVA rubber blend that provides an amazing combination of cushioning and responsiveness. Proven to maintain the same high level of energy return and long lasting comfort throughout the life of the shoe.


A lightweight and dynamically engineered mid-foot shank that provides the perfect blend of stability and support.


Developed to address the natural movement of the metatarsals in the foot. Flex grooves are positioned to mimic the motion of the foot to provide more natural and balanced toe-off. Enhanced ground contact designed for better traction and acceleration.


Designed using our proprietary foam material. Molded to provide immediate step-in comfort and increase cushioning while in motion.

Upper Fit


Anatomical pattern and super soft materials effectively remove pressure to the ankle during dorsiflexion. Thin padding is also positioned to avoid stress to top of the foot.

Stay Put Tongue Lock

An integrated design that eliminates shoe tongue migration during dynamic foot motion, while keeping the foot snug and secure on every stride.

Morphit Lacing System

A multi-dimensional lacing design that fits dynamically with the foot providing superior support and comfort during loading at mid-stance phase.

Morphit Sleeve

An internal fit sleeve contours to the foot providing an enhanced supportive ride during dynamic movement.


Internal and/or external upper multi-dimensional fit systems that work in unison with the platform, promoting natural foot motion.



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