361° Sensation 2

We had already fallen in love with our hero, the 361° Sensation 2. Why? It does two things which we as runners cannot believe can be done by one single shoe. The moment you try them on you feel instant comfort. They feel soft. The moment you take them out for a run you will feel something else; they are responsive! Combining comfort and responsiveness is something special. That is why we are high on running in the new Sensation. Take them out for long runs or faster runs, the 361° Sensation 2 will help you find to your runner's high.

Runner´s World Germany just awarded the Sensation 2 the BEST DEBUT model in their spring 2017 review.


Through a small stability element in the midsole, the shoes will allow most neutral runners and pronators to have a very comfortable and responsive ride. The magic sits in how the shoe is built in layers. Under the foot sits an insole of a softer QU!KFOAM compound. The top layer of the midsole is built entirely from our specially PU coated QU!KFOAM. What are the benefits? You will feel instant comfort through the layering of various material blends and densities. But when running you will experience the dynamic between the layers resulting in instant responsiveness. The upper provides a stress free seamless fit with an inner cradle around the midfoot to allow you to lace up tight and secure.


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The Technology

361° QU!KFOAM®

The perfect blend of EVA and rubber is our ground for highest performance.


Three layers convert energy into responsive cushioning to form the system of Quick Dynamic Performance.

Fast and Soft

For a soft and perfect fit.

The soft but still firm core with CPU coating for long-term cushioning in every run.

Be safe and stable on every ground.