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 361º Sensation2 (UZB1 - Uzbekistan1) | Review based on long term usage

Kai Markus – the best test runner – sent us his extraordinary test results of the Sensation 2. Thanks Kai for the strong belief in our brand and the product we create. Read his review here!


 Kai and his helping hand Victor

Kai has already been running for 76 days. This week he crossed the border to Uzbekistan - the 6th country of the journey - means almost halfway and only two countries left! To get this far, Kai Markus gets support from a lot of people around the world. One of them is Victor. He’s is one of the most important team members in this project.


 361º team Europe visited Volgograd in Russia

What an adventure! Last week 361º team Europe travelled to Volgograd in Russia to support Kai and Victor and provide him with new shoes for the next part of his journey. After 51 days and ± 3500 km Kai and Victor have been welcomed warmly by the local runners of Volgograd.  


 361º team Europe is full of energy to support Kai & Victor (Video)

Last week 361º Europe did something #beyondexpectations. Our team went to the dunes nearby our Office in Haarlem (Netherlands) to motivate and support Kai & Victor with a personal video message! Check it out! :)


 First conclusion: 32 days of running - passing 3 borders - using the 4th pair of shoes! Time to ask Kai Markus about his experiences within in the first month of his journey.

After more than a month of running, Kai Markus (@runmysilkroad) and Victor are getting more and more used to their new lifestyle. By running everyday and living closely together they have to make good arrangements and hold on to their daily routine. This week Kai already crossed the 3th border from Belarus to Russia. Time for the first conclusion.


 @Runmysilkroad crossed the border from Poland to Belarus!

Already 21 days ago since Kai left Hamburg for his journey to Shanghai. In these 21 days he already crossed two borders, ran ± 1500KM and met a lot of inspiring people on his way. Currently Kai is running in Belarus and experiences a lot of great things but also faces some challenges.


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